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Numbers Lie on Social Media

Sometimes we get a false sense of confidence evaluating others or even our own true reach of influence on social media. Don’t get me wrong, Followers on Twitter, Likers & Fan quantities on Instagram and Facebook are great to have, but it is more important to have quality Followers and engagement. Next time your brand is geared up to rock a social campaign or measuring ROI from a current or past effort, ask yourself these key quality questions:

  • Are my Followers engaged? Engagement: liking, commenting, interacting
  • Who are my Followers? Do they even fit the profile of your brand demographically and psychographically (lifestyle)?
  • Do they convert? Do they support your other digital (website, other platforms, email) or offline channels (events, in-person visits)

After we answer these questions and take a good, honest assessment we can better evaluate the true influence and reach of our social media Following and gauge the performance of our posts and content. From a qualitative perspective, spend time to go through your individual followers familiarize yourself with their tendencies, behaviors and what they engage with – if anything, it will help you ascertain what is working, what is not and help separate it from what is smoke & mirrors for your social media marketing efforts.