Brands Adapt to Win.

Our brands must adapt to win. The success of a timeless, staple brand is measured by it’s ability to remain relevant and responsive to the ever-changing business environment… We can draw parallels from nature where the big cat predators, like the Jaguar, seek gain via land or water. Regardless of the channel or method, at all times it adapts to what nature (the market) allows it to work with.

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Yes, What People Think Matters!

What people think matters. While that statement may contradict notions held for personal and social decisions, they are principle for matters of business and branding. What people think identifies how they perceive your brand and whether or not they will believe in it to deliver a desired result. The key is to cultivate thought that that is favorable and enhances your brand’s (person, place, idea or product) definition.

For example: if you have an apparel line that is made with an exclusive fine silk, it’s important that the images are texture-rich and the labeling identifies the silk attribute distinctively. The primary reason for this is to differentiate the product and to amplify the messaging related to it’s strongest, most saleable attribute (that your competition doesn’t posses). This stimulates how they think about your brand.

How they think is EVERYTHING, so it’s in the best interest of your brand to cultivate their thought process.


Live 2013

As part of our NYE Event Campaign, we created the phrase and visuals for: Live 2013! We’ll be publishing images daily to our blog and social media serving as an empowered, stylish countdown to the New Year. See some of the visuals below:


Grey blends in.

Grey inevitably will blend in. Think of ways your brand can stand out… It has to fill a need that another brand hasn’t or do something better than the brand that is currently doing “it.” That’s the only way a brand can truly penetrate people’s (consumers) mind  to be memorable and transformative.


Brand with Style.

Your brand is YOUR brand. Make it YOU. Color it the way YOU color. Every brand has it’s own personality and unique story. A pattern like Louis Vuitton’s iconic Damier print or a distinct color like Pepsi’s Blue is part of what defines their identity and makes them stand apart from the noise (competition). Something that is grey will inevitably blend in, so don’t be a copycat brand – brand with your own style!


Brand in Color.


Smart is Simple.

“Smart is simple.” Siegel+Gale Branding Quote.