Brands Adapt to Win.

Our brands must adapt to win. The success of a timeless, staple brand is measured by it’s ability to remain relevant and responsive to the ever-changing business environment… We can draw parallels from nature where the big cat predators, like the Jaguar, seek gain via land or water. Regardless of the channel or method, at all times it adapts to what nature (the market) allows it to work with.

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Numbers Lie on Social Media

Sometimes we get a false sense of confidence evaluating others or even our own true reach of influence on social media. Don’t get me wrong, Followers on Twitter, Likers & Fan quantities on Instagram and Facebook are great to have, but it is more important to have quality Followers and engagement. Next time your brand is geared up to rock a social campaign or measuring ROI from a current or past effort, ask yourself these key quality questions:

  • Are my Followers engaged? Engagement: liking, commenting, interacting
  • Who are my Followers? Do they even fit the profile of your brand demographically and psychographically (lifestyle)?
  • Do they convert? Do they support your other digital (website, other platforms, email) or offline channels (events, in-person visits)

After we answer these questions and take a good, honest assessment we can better evaluate the true influence and reach of our social media Following and gauge the performance of our posts and content. From a qualitative perspective, spend time to go through your individual followers familiarize yourself with their tendencies, behaviors and what they engage with – if anything, it will help you ascertain what is working, what is not and help separate it from what is smoke & mirrors for your social media marketing efforts.

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Yes, What People Think Matters!

What people think matters. While that statement may contradict notions held for personal and social decisions, they are principle for matters of business and branding. What people think identifies how they perceive your brand and whether or not they will believe in it to deliver a desired result. The key is to cultivate thought that that is favorable and enhances your brand’s (person, place, idea or product) definition.

For example: if you have an apparel line that is made with an exclusive fine silk, it’s important that the images are texture-rich and the labeling identifies the silk attribute distinctively. The primary reason for this is to differentiate the product and to amplify the messaging related to it’s strongest, most saleable attribute (that your competition doesn’t posses). This stimulates how they think about your brand.

How they think is EVERYTHING, so it’s in the best interest of your brand to cultivate their thought process.

Open Bar NYE | Photo Recap

On our blog we’ve been posting updates leading up to NYE 2013 featuring our countdown and NYE marketing imagery with our Live 2013 campaign. On Monday, December 31, we were privileged to create the event experience. Joined by a diverse group of Atlanta’s foremost trendsetters, tastemakers and young professionals we gathered at Aurum Lounge in midtown for an epic New Year’s Eve celebration. A gorgeous assortment of ladies dressed to the nines and dapper gentleman induldged in the top shelf Open Bar, shared hookah and popped bottles of champagne all night long! Special thanks to our event sponsors Remy V, Crown Royal Black, Nuvo, and car service provider Uber. We hoped to create an event experience that will stay in guests hearts and memories for the next 364 days of 2013! Live 2013! See the event photos below:

[nggallery id=2]